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Day 9: Spikes Day 2

October 5th, 2011 by Advertising students in Advertising - Advertising students visit Singapore

The second day of spike awards.

The second day started well. Like OMD’s wall in their Singapore office “Work hard. Party harder.” we proved ourselves worthy I think. So we headed off to the awards.

Yahoo started us off by delving into the Asian markets. To prove this how social media is different in the west compared to the east. The world is changing and the market is pointing to Asia as it seems they are the safest refuge for business. GFC or not the dragon is opening it’s eyes and has not fully woken up and when she does that’s where the new money is. Asia is where it will be and Australia is the stepping stone.

JWT followed with creative thinking. You think of the left field then this is what you

needed to hear. Creativity sparks from anywhere and everywhere. The main problem JWT had was that as a whole community schools do not engage creative thinking. Yes art, music and computers are taught but the harsh leash of the education system restricts the creativity behind it.

The next conference attended was Microsoft advertising. They know their stuff. Microsoft is trying to establish WHAM (Win Hearts And Minds) by telling stories engaging consumers and establishing relationships by not “pushing” but “pulling” strategy. Interesting as they want to take over the earth AHAHAHAHAHA (sorry but had to be said).

DDB followed and was thee conference to see. Joel Cohen who is one of the brains behind the scenes of The Simpsons is one hell of an amazing speaker. His creative insight was as amazing as his adventures through life as a writer for TV shows. He explained that even the smallest and stupidest things could be the spark for an amazing idea. My favorite idea was when Lucy Liu wanted to be on The Simpsons and provided a large pizza. Lucy Liu didn’t make it on the show at the time but the pizza did.

Leo Burnett like DDB was fantastic. Todd Sampson was the speaker and with his take on how creativity and fear go hand in hand was surprising. Creativity from one person can be the fear for another. An interesting logic. Todd described it in the form of his recreational rock climbing adventures of being stuck on a mountain in Alaska on a narrow saddle waiting for a storm to die down so he could finish the climb and reach the summit. He had the choice of either going back to base camp or finish the climb by reaching the summit. With a broken tent and no supplies he continued to the summit only to finish the climb and start back during the other side of the storm. From the start side of the saddle to the summit it took forty minutes. The return took over four hours. Anyway he proved fear is an effective tool in advertising. To prove this point he showed his contribution to earth hour and its international success.

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The fear: the destruction of earth by humans aka global warming/deforestation/industrial farming/over dependence on fossil fuels. The solution: turn off the light for an hour. But we all know the story…

After Todd Sampson’s presentation we left in order to get some sleep, eat and shop before the after parties started.

Ogilvy’s after party was the first. When we arrived we started networking straight away. Through the contacts we made the previous nightwe made more contacts but the problem with this party was that business cards were left for the real after party after the awards the day after. Anyway we re-acquainted with some and met others. Then it was off to JWT’s. Once in Jimmy’s cab (best cab driver ever! He had a internal laser light show, strobe lights…)

JWT’s roof top party was where it was at. DJ’s pumping tunes, fire spinners spinning away, hotdog and popcorn venders cooking food for all and spray tattoo artists spraying away it was quite lively. More networking was done and those who had cards was a bonus.

Enough about the parties and the networking there is one more day to go!

This is pete signing off on day 9 (on actual day9 + 22)


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