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First DAY in N.Y.C.

April 28th, 2012 by hsiles in Premiers Tafe Scholarship - Holly Siles study tour of New York

I headed out bright and early, to a cold windy New York morning, to buy a sim card and find free WIFI so that I could post my first blog…only to discover that the stores didn’t open as early as I thought … so instead I went exploring, to check out

the Fashion Institute Of Technology, as its walking distance from here and that’s where I’ll be attending my first course tomorrow, looking at fashion trends, market & customer analysis to help with designing product that will give you maximum market impact.

To my delight, I discovered a large exhibition of gowns designed and made by graduating students displayed in the auditorium. I’m going to ask if I can photograph it tomorrow after the short course, to share with you.

Following that I came across a whole strip of retailers that specialized in trims of various sorts but what made me really excited was the variety in the type of product and the sheer size of these places…oh to have that choice in Sydney ! They do have an online presence as well as their physical stores, so I have gathered their details to bring home with me to pass onto the students.
I have recorded some images here.

My planned visit to Manhattan Burroughs Community College, didn’t eventuate because the fashion group that was scheduled to meet, has been put on hold due to final exams and pending graduation.So I will have to look at ‘plan B’?

Since I had a change of schedule I did some exploring thru NY streets seeing some of the iconic parks and buildings but most importantly I got to explore the iconic ‘Saks’ on Fifth Avenue… so much product and so much variety and so expensive! But OH how fabulous seeing all my faves- such as Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Gareth Pugh, Gaultier (though I do have to say he has gone a bit soft in his design edge at the moment) and soo many more, in their full glory, all in in the one dazzling department store. And the good news is that the store was a buzz with customers…especially the shoe department all vying for the latest Designer shoes…regardless of countless zeroes attached to the price tags!

On my way back to the apartment, I got to try my hand at the subway …might take me a little while to get my bearings with that one…it took me 3 trains to do a trip that was meant to be a 1 train, straight forward ride. Though I am I’m learning fast.

I’m a bit jet lagged so am going to retire early tonight and see if I can’t get this Internet thing sorted out tomorrow.






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